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The Benefits of Fiber to the Home

Faster connectivity speeds that are secure and highly reliable at an affordable rate
Connects to multiple smart devices, supports video streaming, VoIP calling, and lightning fast browsing

Choose from our range of uncapped and Unshaped bundles

Stay connected
Connect with friends and family all over the world without the scary telephone bills: Experience crystal clear VoIP calls and lag-free video calling on your fibre connection.
Work from home
Business owners: fast connectivity you can quickly send and receive large files, access video conferencing, and make the most of cloud-based services
Be entertained
No more buffering: stream rich HD content like films, series and music, including smooth video-on-demand playback and online gaming. Plus, speedy downloading!
Go smart
Convert your house into a smart home, linking IP security cameras, smart sensors, lighting and other Internet of Things devices all to your fibre connection


Please select your fibre provider
Please enquire with Easyweb to check feasibility of Fibre availability