When it comes to shielding your network from dangerous online traffic, a Firewall is an absolute necessity. It protects and controls your internal network from external threats such as viruses and other malicious programmes or even websites that you deem inappropriate or offensive to your network’s users. However, a Firewall can be and do so much more.

With Easyweb, setting up a Firewall to protect your network, and the people using it, is effortless. Using a positive control model, we strive to ensure that your network’s resources are safe and that unwanted traffic is denied by your unique Firewall policy at all costs.

What are the perks?

• Protect your network’s users from unknown and inappropriate websites.
• Protect your network from malicious intrusions like viruses or hackers.
• As a business or company owner, manage which sites your employees are able to use during office hours in real time.
• Protect your data by ensuring certain information sharing sites like Gmail or Yahoo are blocked.
• Ensure Quality of Service by giving business functions like VoIP priority over social media and other entertainment-based sites.
• Reporting functionality for each user on the network - record what websites they have visited, how much data they have used and even the time spent on each website by specific users.
• Enjoy freedom of choice by stipulating your unique Firewall policy depending on the needs of your home or office network.
• Easyweb will maintain, support and retain ownership of the firewall. This reduces outright equipment expenditure and the need for skilled personal to operate the firewall by the customer.

What is a firewall and why do I need one


Monthly Cost

R 699 Excl. VAT

Once-off Cost

R 2 000 Excl. VAT

Linux firewalls: What you need to know

• Proxy
• Blocking websites
• Squid reports / Usage reports
• Network Security
• Live Network usage statistics
• QoS on Traffic
Firewall Terms and Conditions
• All prices exclude VAT
• Terms and conditions apply
• Installation fee includes initial installation and setup
• Any additional setup required will be billed at normal labour rates