Fair Usage Policy ("FUP")

To ensure the quality and availability of our internet services Easyweb has implemented several systems to ensure fair usage on all uncapped Internet products. Easyweb makes use of bandwidth shaping and / or throttling to slow down Internet speeds where a customer’s behaviour is determined to be excessive or is affecting the user experience of other customers on Easyweb’s network.

Customer behaviour which may cause an internet service to be shaped or throttled includes using bandwidth intensive protocols such as peer-to-peer, network news transfer, or performing unattended downloads of large files.

During peak network traffic times Easyweb may also block bandwidth intensive protocols such as peer-to-peer or network news transfer to ensure the user experience of other customers on Easyweb’s network is not affected. In the event of such customer behaviour being detected, Easyweb reserves the right to suspend the account of a customer whose usage is continuously affecting Easyweb’s network.It is the responsibility of the customer to ensure they have the appropriate package for their type of use.

A Line speed that is supplied to client’s premises is for the entire network, not per an individual user within the client’s premises. Example: If you take a 10 Meg line for a premise that has 4 users. You get 10 Megs for all 4 users, not 10 Megs per each user.

LITE line speed services are an uncapped best effort service.
Not guaranteed to the full line speed capacity.






2 Mbps

Up to 2 Meg

Up to 0.5 Meg

100 Gigs

50% of service

4 Mbps

Up to 4 Meg

Up to 1 Meg

200 Gigs

50% of service

6 Mbps

Up to 6 Meg

Up to 1.5 Meg

400 Gigs

50% of service

8 Mbps

Up to 8 Meg

Up to 2 Meg

600 Gigs

50% of service

10 Mbps

Up to 10 Meg

Up to 2.5 Meg

800 Gigs

50% of service

15 Mbps

Up to 15 Meg

Up to 3.75 Meg

1000 Gigs

50% of service

20 Mbps

Up to 20 Meg

Up to 5 Meg

1200 Gigs

50% of service

30 Mbps

Up to 30 Meg

Up to 7.5 Meg

1500 Gigs

50% of service

40 Mbps

Up to 40 Meg

Up to 10 Meg

2000 Gigs

50% of service

50 Mbps

Up to 50 Meg

Up to 12.5 Meg

2500 Gigs

50% of service