Engage with ease and monetise your WiFi

Customise every aspect of your WiFi, engage your visitors and gain a better understanding of your guests.
Turn your WiFi network into a revenue generating tool and see how you can use technology to grow your business.
Apply less time managing, gain more time selling.

Welcome Portal

Optimise your guest experience
Customise the appearance of the Welcome Portal for your venue customers to reflect their brand
Make a super easy access for your customers, a fully branded welcome page guides your users to the internet.
Customise every aspect of your guest WiFi, offer a warm custom on-site experience.

Social Login. One click connection

Social login is the feature that people love to use and now visitors can connect to the internet through any of their favourite social networks
Most of the users share their information in change of a fast login.
This trend is a business opportunity. HSNM Hotspot Manager provides you the ability to enable the social login and create a reliable WiFi access.

GPS Tracking & Geolocation

WiFi Connectivity on Moving Vehicles
Enable GPS tacking and track the route and location of your mobile WiFi networks.
The Route App shows the users where they are and the route of your moving vehicle.

Track the routes using GPS
Track the route of your mobile vehicles whether buses, trains, ships, vessels. Show it on your website or create your App.
Drive your ads on moving vehicles
Target your Ads based on GPS coordinates, target your campaigns based on the geographical areas where you want the ads to show.
Customers benefit from personalized and targeted advertisements.
Trigger off banners, videos during the various stages of their routes. Share information about places of interest, restaurants, museums, etc. encouraging customers to explore their surroundings.

HSNM Printer

HSNM Printer is integrated with HSNM and the ideal device if you want something quick, easy, ready-to-go and reliable.
The proper tool for the requirements of every single reception, hotels, campsites, museums, swimming pools, discos and ideal product on buses, trains , ferries, ships, taxis, beaches.
A handy printer for your venues, Multilanguage printing and connection via WiFi.

App Bar

Design and publish your own Apps. Anyone can do it!
A captive portal with its Apps, is a web page that users are obliged to view and interact with before accessing to the Internet. One of the HSNM exciting and unique features is the ability to publish Welcome Portal Apps.

Design the coverage area of your APs

Define internal or external maps and place your APs.
Set the coverage radius of each APs and get a full image of the coverage area. Find your APs with ease.

Real-Time Email and SMS Alert Notification

What it can do for your business
HSNM Alert Notification instantly delivers notifications of problem occurrences in your MikroTik gateway and connected APs using automated communication methods such as email and Short Message Service (SMS).
Customise and send notifications to several users at once.

Advertising & Banners

Turn your WiFi into business. Engage the masses and monetize your WiFi
Customers want free reliable WiFi to connect to their friends, family, to shop on line, work remotely. HSNM offers new opportunities for WiFi monetization. Advertise to millions of people and grow your business with advertising across devices, where people enjoy their WiFi connection.
Open your network to advertisers and nearby businesses. Influence users while they are connecting to free sponsored WiFi or 4G network.
Turn WiFi into a valuable business promoter and make money in no time.


Get feedback via your WiFi. Analyse results in real-time and take the right decisions
Whether you are testing your customer satisfaction or launching a new product, you can help you make quick and smart decisions. Improve online reputation and increase published positive reviews.

Content Injection for WiFi Monetisation

Deliver content to internet connected devices, be it laptops, tablets or mobile devise, on any browser without requiring any client software.
It makes easy for you to show the contents of the pages that users are surfing. HSNM is deeply integrated with CO.IN.
Content Injector and you can easily create campaigns and advertise. Custom content like ads, news, alerts and games can be scheduled to appear on any webpage that the user is surfing.
Ads are common now, and they are not too much offended by seeing them. You have the total control and schedule of injection via advertising campaigns.
Complete planning of the campaigns: period, timing, budget, locations.
Drive visitors' engagement: set up your geo-targeted marketing campaigns, wherever they go, there you are! Activate campaigns based on the internet access you want to offer. Convert your Public WiFi into a powerful marketing tool.

SMS & Notifications

Make your guests feel unique
Stay in touch with guests. Sending notifications emails and SMS is incredibly simple and professional. Send a warm welcome email or SMS to your guests just after the login. Make your guests feel unique.
Type your custom text into the provided templates and also use system variables to personalise your messages.

Multilevel and Multi-Tenant Architecture

An efficient hotspot service requires a dynamic organization that HSNM offers thanks to a multi-venue and management architecture.
From estate/resellers level admin users, to individual managers or reception staff.
You decide. Figures at all levels benefit from an individual secure virtual environment with the ability to define specific roles and permissions for their own customers or staff.


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